Reterniti is now available throughout Australia!!

About Us

What is Reterniti?


Reterniti was inspired by our large, blended family that happily includes pets.

Maybe like your family we talk a lot and attempt to solve the world’s problems.

We’ve lost family members - people and pets, and wondered probably like you, where should they go after they’ve passed?

We kept coming back to a central theme - loved ones should either be kept close once they’ve passed, but not in an urn on a mantelpiece, or placed somewhere special, a place that was meaningful to them.

We’ve Known Loss.


We’ve known the heart-wrenching loss of family members, both people and pets, and still feel the emptiness of where they used to be.

It’s bad enough to lose them physically.

It’s worse to forget them.

We don’t want any person or pet to be forgotten, including their place of resting.

We held our family close when they were living, we want to do the same when they’ve departed.

Having a cremation stone made from your loved one’s ashes and a little natural binder gives you a physical, tasteful and importantly tactile alternative to storing their ashes in a box or urn, left on a shelf, untouched and forgotten.

Inspiration Behind Reterniti

Reterniti is an Australasian innovation; inspired by events in Sydney, Australia, but developed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Our first Golden Retriever, Hogan, passed away at just 10. We took his ashes to our local park in Sydney and dug a small hole for the ashes beneath a boulder – aptly named Hogan’s Rock, upon which he used to lay and wait. Much to our horror upon visiting a few years later we discovered that not only had his rock been moved but the council had built a toilet block over his spot! It was at that moment Reterniti was conceived. There had a to be a better solution to just ashes; a way to take loved ones with us.

Years later & now in New Zealand, we now have Parker; another Golden Retriever. He loves long walks in the Port Hills behind Christchurch. He’s told us that’s where he wants his Reterniti Stone when he passes.

Why are we called Reterniti?

Often misspelt as Returnity, Returniti or Reternity, that name speaks to our philosophy of never being forgotten, of returning for eternity