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Reterniti Stone – Pets

From $299.00

Keep your precious pet close with a handmade Reterniti Stone or Pebble created from your pet’s ashes with the addition of natural binders. Each Reterniti Stone comes on its own hand-turned wood plinth nestled on a bed of lambswool whilst the smaller Reterniti Pebble is presented in a carry pouch within a sliding box.


Margaret H

09/01/2023 8:25 am
Very happy to have Latte back home and his stone is simply beautiful. Donna-Marie is fantastic to deal with and nothing was too much effort for her. A fabulous business to deal with. The whole concept is a brilliant idea. Thank you so very much!

Carolyn C

09/02/2023 12:18 am
Everything was well taken care of and we were kept up to date throughout. A beautiful way to keep our memories with us

The Reterniti Process

Step 1

We send you an Ashes Shipping Kit. You then return this to us (free of charge) with your loved one’s ashes in it.

Step 2

We handcraft a beautiful Reterniti Stone directly from the ashes you have sent.

Step 3

We then deliver your Reterniti Stone to you, tracked and traced all the way. Then, it’s up to you. Where would they want to be?


No, it is stone-like. It is composed of all of your pets ashes and a non toxic, non resin binder.
Aside from the six primary sizes which are dictated by animal size, each cremation stone really is unique. No two are alike. Some will have the odd tiny surface hole, small dimples or minor undulations. Others may have a pronounced grainy texture or blemishes. In some cases we see the barest of surface hairline cracks; these are normal, they don’t extend all the way through and our binding & sealing products ensure the Stone will remain sturdy and safe. They are perfectly imperfect, reflecting the fact they are essentially organic and we like to think the imperfections are the character of your pet expressing itself.
Each stone is unique and will be slightly different in colour, hue and texture. Colours range from cream/ white to tones of grey. We’ve seen pale duck-egg blues, through to tinges of rusty browns. Some have a pronounced graininess; others are as smooth & white as plaster.
Our process uses all of your pets ashes with some binder material (non-toxic, non-resin, non-petrochemical). They are handled and processed separately. A fraction, less than 1% may be lost in production. For large animals there may be a little left over in which case we will contact you.
Each order is handled absolutely separately and to the highest possible degree of workmanship. Furthermore our process is independently audited and guaranteed. Our integrity is the cornerstone of our business and our promise to you.

$299 incl GST for a Reterniti Pebble for a Rat, Bid, Guinea Pig or Rabbit ( or small animal)

$399 incl GST for a Reterniti Stone for a Cat (or small dog)

$499 incl GST for a Reterniti Stone for a medium & large Dog

$599 incl GST for a Reterniti Stone for an extra large Dog

$599 incl GST for a Horse (per Reterniti Stone)

You can pay by Afterpay with 4 payments from $62.25 incl GST

Your pet is an integral family member; they should be remembered and handled sensitively once they’ve passed away. We feel ashes are fine, but unfinished, risky to store, not ideal to display and most times unpleasant to scatter. A Cremation Stone is infinitely better to transport, store, display, place outside, bury or place in water.
You may choose to, however many will find it unpleasant. Many won’t have a property or land for burial. And if you move, you can’t take your companion with you.
For those interested in purchasing a Cremation Stone, head over to ‘place an order’ to get started, or get in touch with us with any questions and we can point you in the right direction.

If you are from the trade – a pet store, a vet or a pet crematorium, then we’d like to partner with you. Please use the trade registration form.
Yes. You may have had your pets ashes for years, that’s fine. We can turn those to a Cremation Stone at any time.

Yes, we create Reterniti Stones for People too.

Yes, we do a smaller Cremation Stone for our little pet family members – birds, pet rats, guinea pigs and rabbits.

The same Reterniti hand-made process, care and attention, but in a smaller large-pebble format.

Horse ashes typically weigh in excess of 15kg, that’s a very large stone. We’d suggest a portion is made into a Cremation Stone. Choose from either a single stone using some of the ashes* or multiple stones for numerous owners using all the ashes.

*Please note one stone requires 4 to 5 cups of ashes.
Ask your local vet

Coordinate via your local pet crematorium

Or place your order directly with us.
Often misspelt as Returnity, Returniti or Reternity, the name is an amalgamation of Return and Eternity, which speaks to our philosophy of never being forgotten.

A Reterniti Pebble is size appropriate for small pets such as birds, lizards, guinea pigs & rabbits. They are also a nice option for those that wish to carry a portion of a loved one with them. Each Reterniti Pebble comes with its own protective carry pouch inside an attractive slide out box.