Reterniti is now available throughout Australia!!


No, it is stone-like.

It’s composed of your loved one’s ashes combined with non-toxic, non-resin binding materials.
Each stone is unique and will be slightly different in colour, hue and texture. Colours range from cream/ white to tones of grey.
For Human Reterniti Stones – No. We create a large Reterniti Stone that utilises about half to a third of a typical adults ashes. If you are ordering multiple Reterniti Stones, then we would use all the ashes.
Each order is handled separately and to the highest possible degree of workmanship. Furthermore, our process is guaranteed and our integrity the cornerstone of our business and our promise to you.
In New Zealand, a human Reterniti Stone is $799 incl GST.
The point of a Reterniti Stone is that a loved one is not forgotten. Keep them close, talk to them, hold them. Or place them somewhere that was meaningful to them; and then go visit them. If they are at home with you and you move house, take them with you.
We feel ashes are fine, but unfinished, risky to store and most times unpleasant to scatter. Urns or wooden boxes to our mind are conspicuous and old fashioned. A Reterniti Stone is infinitely better to transport, store, display, place outside, bury or place in water.
Yes. This is a popular option for children or friends of a departed. We can make up to four Reterniti Stones from one set of adult ashes.
Each Reterniti Stone is handmade and is placed on a bed of New Zealand Lambs wool pearls, which in turn sits upon a hand turned wooden display plinth. All Stones are delivered in a two part fabric bookbound tube box, and personally signed off by our Master Stonemaker who created the Stone. An external courier box packed with paper straw protects the precious item during transit.

You can have up to 15 characters across (including spaces) for your loved ones name no matter the size of the stone. Most customers have the name of their loved one and years of life, but you don’t have to. We also have the option to add a love heart onto your Reterniti Stone with your loved ones details and it can be a great addition to your Reterniti Stone if you have decided not to add a name.

Yes. You may have had ashes with you for years, that’s fine. We can turn those to a Reterniti Stone at any time. Place your order directly online.
1. Coordinate via your preferred Funeral Director

2. Or place your order directly with us.
Yes. This is a popular occurrence. Many people wish to be placed overseas after they have passed. You do not require any special permits such as a Death Certificate, but ensure you declare the Reterniti Stone at customs, they may wish to scan it.
It depends on where it is placed and the elements it is exposed to (rain, direct sunlight, freezing conditions etc). Reterniti Stones are designed to weather and eventually reintegrate with the earth. You can expect anywhere from 36 months to decades before total reintegration.
A Reterniti Pebble is a mini Reterniti Stone. It’s about the size of a slightly flattened golf ball and uses a fraction of the ashes. A Pebble is ideal for a small hand-held memento. Each Reterniti Pebble comes in its own carry pouch within an attractive magnetic box.