Reterniti is now available throughout Australia!!

Perfectly Imperfect


Expect different colours & textures

A multitude of factors dictate the appearance of your pet’s Reterniti Stone.

Influencing factors include the pet’s species, its age, its diet, medications it may have been on and even the cremator temperatures.

We see all types of ash coming to us from all over the country; from the finest, darkest powder to something akin to coarse multi-coloured sand. And naturally that all influences the end Reterniti Stone.

It’s important to stress that because the Reterniti Stones are a natural organic product they show a multitude of variation.

Normally the top of the Stone, the upper surface where the name is inscribed, is smooth & uniform; whilst it’s the underside that really shows the individual character.

What can you expect to see?

Most Stones will have some slight undulations; some have areas of graininess or marble-like veining running through them. Yet others may have a few tiny holes almost like pumice or the odd barely registrable hairline crack.

It’s important to point out that any tiny crack is normal, it’s only on the surface, less than .5 of a mm deep and does not affect the integrity of the Stone.

All Stones use natural binders, are then sealed with natural sealer then receive a number of coats of lacquer. Any crack or hole is therefore bound and sealed.

A Reterniti Stone is incredibly strong – we’ve tested dozens during our drop tests from 1.5 to 1.8m height onto a concrete floor, they may dent but they rarely break. We wouldn’t suggest you do the same however, as they’re not indestructible!

The point is your pet’s Reterniti Stone will be unique.

They will have character and imperfections.

We like to think it’s almost like your pet’s personality is expressing itself in their Stone!