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Two Dogs, One Stone

Kathy Pascoe lost her two inseparable spaniels (Rufus & Tilly) and replaced TWO wooden boxes of ashes with ONE Reterniti Stone.
Kathy Pascoe with Daisy & Louie

When Kathy Pascoe lost her two spaniels (Rufus & Tilly) within weeks of each other, she initially thought to place their cremated remains together in a ubiquitous wooden box.

Afterall they were inseparable.

The problem with the box was, well it was a box. Clunky, old fashioned and just didn’t seem to sit well anywhere in her home.

Then she discovered Reterniti.

Rufus and Tilly’s ashes were combined to form one larger Reterniti Stone.

Kathy liked the result so much that national television news learnt about it and featured her, Rufus & Tilly’s first-of-a-kind stone and her much-loved current fur babies Daisy & Louie on national news – Seven Sharp.

Watch here: Reterniti on Seven Sharp Television News